V.I.Cheese Club (SHIP ONLY)

V.I.Cheese Club (SHIP ONLY)
V.I.Cheese Club (SHIP ONLY)

V.I.Cheese Club (SHIP ONLY)

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Take your senses on a tour of the world through cheese! If you love a culinary adventure and especially cheese, this is the club for you! This is perfect if you are a classic curd nerd or a cheese newbie, either way you will love this monthly adventure! When you sign up for this experience you will get an exclusive Savor cheeseboard, a cheese journal that will guide through 33 different cheeses over the course of 11 months, and a membership to Savor's VIP Club. Once you reach your 12th month, you get to choose your top 3 cheeses out of all that you have tasted over the past 11 months to end the year. All items come packaged and can be opened and served at your convenience.

What to expect in your monthly box in addition to above:

    • 3 premium cheeses per month (at least 1lb of cheese each month)
    • A fun accompaniment for the cheese (ex. jam, honey, unique crackers, nuts, charcuterie meat) 
    • A fun gift each month (ex. cheese knife, honey dipper, jam cellar) 
    • Detailed tasting notes, serving & pairing recommendations, as well as short cheese maker histories for a fun, educational and adventurous experience

V.I.Cheese Club Perks: You will receive 5% off all Savor Purchases each month you’re a member, 1 free premium cheese upgrade for a Savor box or board per month, special early access to tickets for Savor events, as well as exclusive Cheese club member events and specials.

*Subscriptions sales are final,$85 auto renewal each month until cancelled. These can be shipped each month or picked up at our Shoppe in downtown Turlock. Each month you will receive an email when your box is ready and can be picked up at your convenience. 
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