About Us

Savor Charcuterie is located in Turlock California. Brainchild of Owner and Operator Amy Navarra, her husband Dan, who she calls, “The Real MVP” and her Darling mom Kelly are the other half of Savor’s engine that started the journey.

Mother to three boys, daughter, and friend: Amy grew up to appreciate and understand what real hospitality means to her guests.  As the years have passed, she has come to realize more and more that the art of hospitality that fosters authentic community is deeply craved in our culture; but also a terribly uncultivated and intimidating for most. That’s where the draw for Savor sprouted from! It’s scientifically proven that when people use their hands for something in the presence of others, they have an increased likelihood to engage in meaningful and authentic social interaction. Plus, who doesn’t like to eat meat and cheese?!?

As a food stylist, Amy loves to see people come together, and experience the difference togetherness makes. This dream of hers allows her to marry her love of hospitality, teaching, inspiring and people to her passion to see others take on a love for building beautiful food and even more beautiful authentic community.